The first ever blogmas series on Truly Soulfully. 31 different blogmas ideas to inspire you to write and blog this season.

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Blogmas 2020, Hurrayyyy!!

Sing along with me “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmassy, everyyyywhere you gooooo…”

This particular Christmas Carol has been on my mind these days…

Hi there, welcome once again to Truly Soulfully. This is our first Christmas on the blog and it’ll only do justice to celebrate it in a very special way, hence Blogmas!!


Blogmas simply means blogging during the Christmas season. It is like an advent calendar for the blogging world. It includes posts about of course, Christmas; the Holiday season; winter and all other festivities. I hope that explains what blogmas is for those who are new to this.


This year has been unique in its own way and we have had our share of good and bad. Maybe more bad than good. But that shouldn’t stop us from celebrating with immense Christmas cheer.

For us here at Truly Soulfully, blogmas 2020 is going to be more about fun and frolic. You’ll get a gist into our Christmas traditions, where we go, what we do and so much more. So stay tuned for this exciting month.

Christmas is about giving. So, today being the first day of blogmas, here are 31 different blogmas ideas to write about if you’re looking for inspiration.


  1. DIY Christmas star
  2. DIY Christmas card
  3. List of favourite Christmas movies
  4. Your current Christmas playlist
  5. The Christmas tag
  6. Christmas prep list
  7. Holiday gift guide
  8. Christmas traditions you celebrate at home
  9. Gifts for him/her
  10. Favourite holiday recipes
  11. Decorating for the holidays
  12. Holiday friendly travel
  13. Christmas drink recipes
  14. Small businesses to support this holiday season
  15. A reflection of the past year
  16. DIY Christmas gift tags
  17. Your favourite Christmas memory
  18. Christmas giveaway
  19. Places to visit this Christmas
  20. Reasons why you love Christmas/winter
  21. Winter bucket list
  22. Books to read this winter
  23. Favourite clothing items to wear this winter
  24. Christmas Day makeup look
  25. Holiday sales
  26. Cozy winter home decor ideas
  27. Holiday outfit ideas
  28. Winter home hacks
  29. How to cozy up your room for winter
  30. DIY Christmas gift ideas
  31. Top winter goals

There you go! 31 different this to b log about this season.

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I hope you all enjoyed this post and are excited for blogmas just as we are!

Thanks for stopping by!

Have a great day!


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