Planning out your week might not work for everyone as everyday is unique and different but with this 7-day Motivation Challenge you can start somewhere.

We are regularly hunting for daily motivation and inspiration to get about with our day to day activities and chores. Planning out your week might not work for everyone as everyday is unique and different, but with this 7-day Motivation Challenge you can start somewhere.

This past week we’ve been celebrating the Mental Health Awareness Week 2020. We’ve posted everyday to give you various tips on self-care, motivation, a gist about mental illness, etc. We also have two posts which focus on the theme of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week which is Kindness because only #KindnessMatters.

Check them out below:

If you want to build a habit, start by doing it for at least a week. Similarly, to feel motivated you can start by following this 7-day Motivation Challenge. It is a great way to kickstart your motivation journey to aid your mental health and wellbeing, at least to some extent.


We are already about 9 weeks (or more for some of us) into this lockdown due to the ongoing pandemic. While the keyworkers are tirelessly working to ensure our safety, there are a lot of us locked in our homes and still wondering what to do with our lives. There’s just so much we can do but don’t know where to start. This 7-day Motivation Challenge is something you can start with from tomorrow itself. Let us know how it works for you. We too will be challenging ourselves this week and updating you daily on Instagram and Facebook. Don’t forget to join us there.

Let’s begin with the challenge:


It is good to start the first day of the week by setting your goals and targets for the week. Plan ahead and prioritise with well thought-out and attainable goals. Write these goals down on paper and make sure to follow them religiously.


Meal plan for the rest of the week and try including as much healthy foods in your menu as possible. Check out this post on 50 essential foods to boost your immunity for more ideas. Try and exercise even if it means some basic stretching or Zumba(dancing). Also, treat yourself with a detox drink.


There’s various types of self-care you can choose from. Check this post here to know more. Give yourself a pedicure or put on a face mask. Have a long bubble bath or just a chilled shower. Sit in a quiet peaceful corner and meditate for 20-30 minutes.


Go outside, if permitted to do so and get some fresh air. Go for a run or walk or even just sit in the park and absorb all the goodness nature has to offer. Reconnect with your friends through a video call or if possible meet some of them.


Today’s day is dedicated to cleaning up and organising. Clean out your desk, your cupboard, your bedroom, your home, your phone (check all those unread emails and also delete all unnecessary junk), your car, etc.


Today try staying away from anything digital. Cut-off from being online. If possible keep your phone away. I will be going offline from around 18:00 until Sunday morning. Try being present in the moment and spend time with loved ones as much as possible today.


Fill in a gratitude journal and be thankful for everything that happened during this past week. Document every positive and highlight all the good times you’ve had this week. Write about small instances during the week that made you smile.

Do anything for 7 days and it is sure to become a habit

We hope that you will join us in this 7-day Motivation Challenge. Keep us updated by commenting down below and letting us know how it went for you.

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