Do we know or fully understand the importance of creating a happy space? Learn more about this here.

Do we know or fully understand the importance of creating a happy space? Why do we need a space like this? What importance does it hold in your lives? With being quarantined for over 65 days now, it was important to create a happy space for me at home.

Being in the UK and renting out, I do not have the privilege of an outer space or a huge garden like we have in Goa, India. We are mostly confined to a huge one bedroom to ourselves (kind of house) with a tiny kitchen and bathroom. We do have other rooms shared by others living here.

Sometimes, you just need your zen corner or some place where you can chill and relax. With so much time at hand, I could easily create a space like this. This space is something which I know I will change with time and decorate it according to my pleasing. Once I start working again (which could be anytime soon), I’m happy that I can look forward to my random chilling sessions alone at this corner in our room.

Create your happy space with whatever makes you feel good.

So, what is this happy space…


This happy space for me is somewhere where I can sit and relax. It is like a mini getaway from the daily hustle and bustle of life. A place where I can carry out my favourite activities while trying my best to cut off from social media or Netflix or any technology to be honest. Some place where I can probably just sit and write in my gratitude journal or colour. Some place where I can maybe even read a book or apply a face mask and relax. A space where I can meditate and concentrate on my breathing. A place where I can be by myself.

I love watching a lot of Youtubers and there’s this one Youtuber mommy called Judy Travis from It’s Judy’s Life where her happy space or me-time (alone time) is normally a self-care routine in her bathroom or even walking on the treadmill and editing while being away from the kids (besides of course playing around with make up in her make up room).

Your happy space can even be a sofa in any corner in your house or even a beanbag, where you read the daily newspaper or just sip on some chai and wander in space. This space should preferably be a quiet corner in your home. However, you could also have this corner made in your garden or balcony. It could be an outdoor space amidst nature.

I personally like to be off technology while enjoying my quiet time alone but you can always use a speaker or some headphones to listen to some calming music.

Your happy space can be anything you fancy as long as it makes you happy.


Creating a happy space means giving yourself enough time to relax. It means you are being kind enough to yourself and taking time out from your busy schedule to give yourself some ‘me’ time.

Also, creating a happy space reduces the amount of daily stress we face. Yes! Most of us face stress on a daily basis and sometimes we just do not truly fathom the cause of it. Sometimes we do not even recognise that we are stressed. So, creating a happy space lets us spend some time alone. It allows us to have our me time.

Do not be afraid to take some time out for yourself. You need it! This could be a chance for you to breathe and relax. That’s perfectly acceptable and doesn’t make you a bad person. Instead, it makes you a more positive person to be around. It makes you more happily involved with people around you. It in turn changes your whole mindset.

You can spend some time in your happy space reading!

Creating a happy space also helps catering to our mental health and well-being to a certain extent. Unplugging yourself from the world and recharging or resetting your mood can be very useful to you and to others around you. And that my friends, is the importance of creating a happy space.

Do you have a happy space or corner in your house? Comment down below and let us know. You can also share some pictures of your happy spaces with us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

I am glad I could share this post with you all this Mental Health Awareness Week 2020.

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