Seasonal Reflection- Autumn 2022

Seasonal reflections are something we should do every few months. They will help us focus, rewind and have a clear mind. Read this post to know more.

The changing season is a reminder that life changes, everything is temporary. No other season than autumn screams out this transition perfectly. Here you’ll understand why a seasonal reflection is necessary and how you can do one today.

Time for a seasonal reflection


It is crucial to reassess your life from time to time. People generally set new goals and resolutions around New Year but rarely, consistently go ahead because life happens and it can get monotonous.

Personally, I think that this reflection on your goals, ambitions, etc. should be done every season. Here in the UK, we have 4 seasons, and that would mean you can have an effective seasonal reflection four times every year.

This can be a time to reflect, be in tune with yourself, rewire to live a balanced life and ponder on what’s working well for you and what’s not.

A good seasonal reflection can help you follow your actual direction and goal in life. If you falter on your unique path in life then a seasonal reflection will definitely help to a greater extent.

Seasonal reflection has always been traditionally a very Western cultural concept but we shall use it to our own understanding and advantage.


Changes in energy can be felt with the change in seasons. The Autumn and winter months are generally known to be more reflective, introverted, meditative, and nostalgic and that could also be because of the various celebrations and festivals that these months hold. Be the opposite, but in a good way, for the other two months. Doing this will help you balance and have the mental stability you need.

During an autumnal seasonal reflection, you have to reason out and check what your body really wants you to do. It is a time to take extra care of your body, mind and soul.

Harmonizing with nature can help you transition into these changes and adapt better. You can spend a few days or at least an evening of quietness and withdrawal to reflect and meditate.

Sometimes, we know all the information but we need a different perspective or we need the courage to listen to that intuitive voice inside of us. If I didn’t listen to my intuition to follow my dreams, I wouldn’t be here writing this piece for you all. I just wouldn’t have the time or the mental capacity to focus on my true goals.



Begin with a good session of meditation. This can be a guided one or a free-flowing one. You’ll really need to tap into your intuition and look back over your life. Be in a quiet room and follow some breathing exercises.

Once your mind is clear. Think back on the past few months. If a particular moment is something which pops up, stay with it and try to capture a good message or positive learning from it. Accept and acknowledge any feeling or reflective thought that comes and let it go.

It doesn’t matter how long this process takes. Give it time. Do not rush this. All your looking for is a sense of direction and some sort of clarity.


You can either question yourself using journal prompts or just freely write whatever comes to your mind on a blank sheet of paper or in a blank book.



Start with smaller questions:

  • What made you happy?
  • I am grateful for?
  • What is going well for you?
  • Something you don’t want in life for the next few months?
  • If I could change one thing about summer, it would be?
  • My focus for autumn will be?

Just simply curate your questions to include all the positives and negatives and even the success and failure stories. You have to have a very eye-opening reflection. This is a good activity to do to help you focus more on the positives and henceforth do what makes you truly feel better.


This kind of writing or journaling has to be the time when you just write exactly what comes to your mind. Do not filter this. Pour out those thoughts and feelings as they come. Try connecting to the emotional memories of various events that come to your mind while free-writing.

This writing doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t have to be planned or structured. Roughly writing your thoughts down can be the most effective way. It helps me to draw and sketch in between while free-writing. Do that if it is something you fancy. If you feel too overwhelmed and mentally heavy, just simply take a break and come back to writing with a fresh mind.

This exercise will help you gain a new perspective, tap into your true intuition and find the direction you are looking for in this next upcoming season.

Hope these tips help you have a good seasonal reflection. Leave a comment below and let us know if you normally have a reflection session every now and then. We would love to hear from you.

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Happy Reflection!

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