It is important to reassess your life for the second half of this year and we tell you why and how...

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The past few months have been very tough for many keeping in mind how badly the pandemic has affected in many different ways. The start of the year has definitely not gone well as per planned. There’s job redundancies, businesses are on the verge of shutting down, socialising and meeting up with friends and relatives has gone up for a toss or not the same as before, etc.

We are already into the second half of the year and in the middle of this crisis, we need to come out of this strong and accordingly shape our life positively for the future.


We should first start off with proper planning, which holds the key keeping in mind the current situation and accordingly prioritise our plans to re-assess our future life.


Start with planning out basics you’d want to do for the remaining half of this year. Many of us made new year resolutions at the beginning of 2020 but that didn’t go as planned and we’ve been stuck in an unfortunate pandemic. It’s never too late to start afresh. Plan for the rest of the year and make sure to have SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound) goals which you can achieve by the end of 2020.


Watch your habits and get rid of the bad ones. You can acquire good habits and make them a part and parcel of your life. Stick to the habits which help you to grow as a person.


Sticking with good habits can be challenging but once habits settle in they do benefit us for our betterment. Give new habits time to develop and maybe try pairing them up existing habits so that you can learn them and remember them effectively. Give your habits an identity or a purpose which simply means that if you want to achieve something, answer the question why you need it. Identify the cause and make it a habit to help you achieve your goal.

Good habits make time your ally. Bad habits make time your enemy.

Make sure your habits are specific and not all over the place. Identify any obstacles which might hinder the formation of a new habit and work towards getting rid of that obstacle or changing it. Another important point to remember while forming new habits is to surround ourselves with like minded people who will help us grow and focus on our goals rather than pull us down.


Next review and reassess the goals you’d listed down at the beginning of the year. Go back to your old goals which you’d created at the beginning of the year and make sure to turn them into SMART goals.

If you have 10 goals and if you think that you do not have enough time to attain those goals, choose 3 of the most important goals out of it and make sure to work hard to achieve them. Focus on less but work hard to attain them nevertheless. Strive every day to work towards achieving these 3 goals.


Now that this pandemic is a part of our lives, let us learn to live with it and take the necessary precautions to avoid it.

Be considerate and make sure to socially distance even though the government changes rules. Do it for yourself and your loved ones so that you are not an asymptomatic carrier of the virus. Also, besides that work on a plan of action just incase you or anyone in your household contract the virus.

Try and make small changes to your lifestyle to help the environment. The frequent climate changes we’ve seen in the last few days only goes on to say how badly the earth needs us to care for it. Try and use less plastic, grow more plants, segregate your waste, etc.


This pandemic has taught us so many life lessons. One such lesson is to be prepared to face anything at anytime and in any situation. So to be well prepared we first have to learn how to manage our spendings well and in turn manage our finances.

Now that the UK has announced an official recession it has become even more important to be prepared. It is important to stay prepared for what’s yet to come because life can be very uncertain at all times. Read this post here, to get an idea about how you can survive this recession.


Having a lifestyle or staying fit is a good change to abide by. Honestly, I’ve always been overweight and I consciously want to change that. So one of my personal goals for the rest of the year is to exercise daily even if it is for a few minutes or just basic exercising. If fitness is your end goal for this year, then go for it. Now is the time.

Take yourself out on a date

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Work hard this half of the year and make sure to give yourself a well deserved break in between, every now and then. Go out with friends or even have a coffee at a cafe with yourself. Go out shopping or treat yourself with a movie night in or even a pampering session.

You deserve a break every now and then and give yourself it.

Laugh, smile, enjoy

Good luck with the second half of this year. We hope it brings you all the good vibes and positivity.

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