The smile that I give myself daily helps me think positively and in turn helps me make others around me happy.

Firstly, I would like to start by saying Hello!

It’s Gale Cotta here…


I’m pleased to write this post for you all. ”Little Acts of Kindness”, what are they?


We can start being kind by doing small things. I always start my day with a bright, happy and positive smile. The smile that I give myself daily helps me think positively and in turn helps me make others around me happy.

We can start our life journey by doing small acts of kindness at home itself and then taking those acts of kindness to the wider world and society at large. You can help your family in different ways without them actually asking for help or asking you for a favour. For example, allowing your parents to go out on occasional dates while you take care of the household chores. Helping out in the kitchen or even helping out grandparents with their daily activities are other acts of kindness which you can do.

These days while we are at home all the time due to the lockdown, it is the perfect time to start a new and fresh life by doing kind deeds for others. Once in a while, it is a good habit to wake up early and surprise your family by making breakfast for them. Surprise them with handmade gifts, with whatever resources available to you. You can also surprise your friends with some flowers or anything they like even if it is not a grand occasion. These acts are sure to bring a smile on their faces and bring a ray of hope to their lives amidst all this uncertainty. Sharing your talents to make people happy or feel better can also be another way of being kind. Feeding the homeless, giving gifts to the poor and visiting the old or those sick can be a very beautiful experience, not forgetting orphans too.

Pampering yourself is a way of being kind to yourself, more like self-care

And if you are a school or college goer or even if you are working, with whatever you can and whichever way you can, make sure to help those in need or in some difficulties. You can do this by collecting funds for them which is for a good cause and definitely an act of kindness.


  1. Hold a door open
  2. Send an encouraging text
  3. Write a thank you note
  4. Volunteer at a care home
  5. Offer to babysit
  6. Spend time with your grandparents
  7. Send flowers
  8. Bring a friend a latte
  9. Smile at random people
  10. Say please and thank you
  11. Do someone else’s chores
  12. Give someone a hug
  13. Donate clothes, books or stationery
  14. Paste positive notes around your community (if permitted to do so)
  15. Write a thank you note on the bins for the bin collectors
  16. Randomly select a less known business and write a positive review for them
  17. Collect litter that you see on the road and bin it
  18. Let an old person go ahead of you while you’re in the queue
  19. Buy gifts for children in an orphanage
  20. Send letters with many stickers for all the kids in your family
  21. Leave some change in vending machines for the homeless
  22. Carry around loose change and put it in tip jars
  23. Help buying books and other school supplies for those children who are less fortunate
  24. Compliment people as much as you can
  25. Help someone who is having a tough day
  26. Give someone a high five (while social distancing)
  27. Forgive someone for a mistake
  28. Help clean up
  29. Spend time with a friend
  30. Be a good listener
  31. Donate toys to charity
  32. Spend time with your pets
  33. Bake some cookies for your neighbours
  34. Donate to a food bank
  35. Donate old blankets, towels and rags to animal shelters
  36. Leave a generous tip at a restaurant
  37. Help someone before they ask
  38. Donate to your favourite charity
  39. Bake treats and deliver them to your local police station
  40. Call a relative just to say hello
  41. Pick up litter at the park
  42. Carry a stranger’s grocery bag
  43. Thank your teacher or professor
  44. Hug your parents and siblings
  45. Tell someone how much you love them
  46. Help make dinner
  47. Create art as a surprise gift
  48. Send a postcard to a friend
  49. Write a love letter
  50. Share produce out of your garden
  51. Create a gratitude list
  52. Do a chore for your siblings
  53. Tweet something uplifting to a random keyworker
  54. Leave positive chalk messages while on a walk
  55. Sings songs to others who need to be uplifted
  56. Make dinner for a family in need
  57. Serve food at a homeless shelter
  58. Insert coins into someone’s parking meter
  59. Give a family member breakfast in bed
  60. Pack an extra lunch for a co-worker
  61. Do a favour without asking anything in return
  62. Thank a friend with a gift
  63. Stop at a child’s lemonade stand
  64. Wash someone’s car
  65. Adopt an animal from an animal shelter
  66. Help someone unload groceries
  67. Gift someone a gift card
  68. Read to a younger sibling
  69. Post a drawing to your grandparents
  70. Participate in a charity walk
  71. Invite someone new to your place
  72. Freely offer your skills to help
  73. Give someone a lottery ticket
  74. Mow a neighbour’s lawn
  75. Donate books to a library
  76. Leave nice notes on peoples cars
  77. Befriend someone who is by themselves or seems lonely
  78. Spend one day saying only positive things about people
  79. Offer your seat to someone on the bus or train
  80. Leave a funny note in a library book to make someone smile
  81. Leave nice notes of encouragement in your kids lunch boxes
  82. Donate sanitary napkins to a women’s shelter
  83. Leave a basket of food on someone’s door step
  84. Drop off muffins or doughnuts at the fire station
  85. Take a cup of coffee for your child’s teacher
  86. Offer to walk a neighbour’s dog
  87. Leave a gift for your mail carrier
  88. Help a neighbour with gardening
  89. Write small thank you notes for your family
  90. Appreciate 5 people today
  91. Consider sponsoring a child abroad
  92. Sponsor someone’s education
  93. Teach someone a new language
  94. Make cards for kids in hospital
  95. Call a family member “just because”
  96. Inspire someone
  97. Give a secret gift to someone
  98. Put positive sticky notes on mirrors
  99. Plant a tree
  100. Contribute 10 or more minutes to a good cause
  101. Defend someone
  102. Express concern for someone with needs
  103. Talk to someone shy or lacking confidence

Whenever you can say hello to a stranger or greet him/her with a smile. So, let us start a new life with these acts of kindness and some more.

Always keep smiling !


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