Mental illness is something which we most conveniently ignore or don’t give that much importance to. That's because we do not know how it looks like.

Mental illness is something which we most conveniently ignore or don’t give that much importance to. Sometimes we do not know or understand what mental illness actually look like. That could be a problem. We might not identify it when we or the person next to us needs help. It might be too late if we delay in identifying these certain signs earlier on.

But, brace yourself as I’ve got you covered with few signs as to what mental illness could possibly look like


Sometimes, we ourselves or we see others who do not like to get involved. Okay! Don’t mistake that with being a introvert. It’s not that at all… These people or even you yourself used to be quite outgoing before and used to like being around people, but now you prefer being confined and left alone. Loneliness is your best friend.


Then there’s some people who’d just hibernate themselves or get lost in their bed. They prefer to just sleep and even want to never wake up as their reality sucks for them. You or the people who are mentally ill feel detached from reality. They feel disconnected from their surroundings.

They’re also emotionally distant from the world and break all bonds and connections. In their head they think by isolating themselves they’re protecting their loved ones and others around them. These people have frequent meltdowns and cry their hearts out. They think their life is worthless or they’re being a burden on others.

They also start cancelling plans to meet or catch up, mostly last minute. They’re always in a mood and mostly the bad kind. Their mood swings could last for hours or even days. They just don’t know what to do or how to deal with their issues and problems.

They generally have major anxiety and maybe even depression and this leads to outbursts over anything and everything. These outbursts could mean nothing to others or small petty things, but to them they’re important and sometimes their lives depend on it.

Besides that there’s also mental disorders like OCD, personality disorders, developmental disorders and even schizophrenia which have a very different presentation which makes describing what mental illness looks like very difficult. We can dive into those disorders and more at a later occasion but this post is just a basic representation of some signs to look out for.

These folks are easily irritated and feel completely demotivated to do even normal day to day activities. Another major change would be if they are having trouble sleeping. It’s been months since they’ve last had a sound nights sleep. Either they have sleepless nights or it is difficult for them to sleep at all. Having broken sleep is also another sign that your mental health isn’t okay.

Some people just like to binge eat or sometimes not eat anything at all. Their food habits change completely. They feel unmotivated to cook or even eat. They normally only prefer to binge eat, if at all, on junk food which isn’t the best kind of food for them to get into their systems.

When you are mental ill, you automatically suffer physically and your digestive system is affected too. You experience indigestion and could also suffer from aches and pains. They also feel light headedness, have a tight chest, headaches, increased heart rate, shortness of breath, nausea, they sweat unnecessarily, tremble, or even have muscle tension, etc. Sometimes they even get hot flushes.


They doubt their personality and lack in confidence. They’re always second guessing things and in turn lose out on even the best options offered to them. They are always worried about the ‘what if’. They’re always tired and exhausted. These people sometimes have good days but mostly bad because of their changed mindset. Mostly they feel worthless and misunderstood. They tend to heavily medicate themselves which has its own bad side effects. They fake a smile even when in reality they’re broken inside. Forgetting days, events, people, and how to live a fulfilled or wholesome life is normal for them.

They have uncontrollable worries, sometimes even excessive worrying which isn’t good for their well-being. They worry about their uncertain future and at times like these with an ongoing pandemic they’re all the more unstable. Their past also still gives them cold chills. They aren’t able to get over their past. They’re always nervous and have the fear of the unknown. They know they need reassurance but they try their best to avoid it in all circumstances. They aren’t able to give themselves time or take a break and relax.

They’re overthinkers but disqualify every positive from their lives. They are always very negative.

We have to try and be considerate to anyone who is mentally ill. Be patient with them. Try to understand what they are going through. Do not judge them but offer to help them recover. Maybe just have a listening ear. They are doing the best they can to improve their situation.

We have to try and be considerate to anyone who is mentally ill. Be patient with them.


If you think you aren’t able to help them ask them to contact these services listed below:

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We are happy to help you!

Take care and stay safe!

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