Rewire to live a balanced life by using these tips as a reminder to curate a balance in your well-being and tune the rhythm of your life to work in your favour.

Life can truly get chaotic and super busy from time to time. We all go through those super busy spells in life and especially if we are young adults still trying to figure out our lives, careers and balancing both without one affecting the other. I hope this post will help you rewire to live a balanced life by incorporating a few mundane tasks in a very new and innovatively fun way.

Honestly, sometimes we know everything but we need to find ways to apply those learnings to our lives. This can majorly be done through a change in perspective.


You can use these tips as a reminder to curate a balance in your well-being and tune the rhythm of your life to work in your favour. At least with things that are in your control! Think of these as a new set of rules and rituals. Nothing better than to rewire to live a balanced life


This is tried and tested. There are days when I’ll get up by 5 am and be done with my morning routine by 7 am to begin my work day. By 1 pm I’ve accomplished my most difficult and mundane tasks and the sense of achievement is so rewarding.

What did I do differently than another day? I simply woke up early. In the quiet hours of dawn, when the day is fresh and still you can actually work through your most difficult tasks of the day. Managing your time well will support this.

I get that not everyone is an early riser. But you can simply change that habit. Set the alarm 15 minutes earlier than you normally would. Use that extra time to do something like exercising, meditation, journaling, etc. to help you focus more on the day ahead.

Another major tip which has helped me personally is keeping my phone away at night an hour before sleeping and not checking it until an hour after getting up. If an hour feels too much in the beginning then start with 15 minutes and gradually increase the time.



Another habit which works like magic. Planning ahead is a very useful productivity hack to stay focused, organised and ahead in your game. Honestly, this simple habit will even let you sleep peacefully at night.

Do you experience this? While you’re struggling to fall asleep, your mind is flooded with thoughts about everything. You feel overwhelmed. Your to-do list keeps adding up in your head and you feel super anxious about it. A simply hack to tackle this is to simply plan the night before. Vomit your thoughts out onto your planner, the Notes App on your phone, or even a simple piece of paper.

Planning the night before will also help you decide on what tasks are important to you for the next day and it is the best way you can add or remove tasks from your schedule. It’ll give you a blueprint for the next day and set the tone for the day ahead to some extent.



This brings us to the next point. Simply reduce your to-do list. If you don’t have one, start making one. Use the 1-2-3 formula. On day 1 tackle one important task. Day 2, two important tasks. Day 3, three and on Day 4 take a break and then repeat.

Cut down your to-do list to two or three important things. Prioritise your day to focus and work on those tasks to complete them efficiently. Wherever you can, outsource your tasks to minimise the load off you and maximise your potential. A smaller to-do list can be accomplished easily and the end goal is more visible, thus making you all the more productive.



All humans need to rest to function well. Taking breaks is as important as completing any given task. Sometimes we are so consumed by our lives, jobs, etc. that we forget to take breaks. This mostly affects our health and wellbeing. Taking a break doesn’t always mean enjoying screen time or socialising. Taking a break means doing something for your mind, body and soul simply to rewire, rewind, relax and de-stress.

You can use these self-care tips to make you feel refreshed and renewed.



We might be kind people to others. But are we truly kind to ourselves? Count your blessings, big or small. Count your achievements, big or small. Learn to give yourself a pat on the back from time to time.

If you feel stuck in life, answer these questions on a blank sheet of paper:

Celebrate your every win and even your losses. Because everything that happens in life will have some learning attached to it. You can literally learn life lessons.



This might be easier said than done but there is no harm in trying or starting afresh. It all depends on what we choose and what we want for our lives. Only we can make or break our lives.

Choose positivity. Choose to look ahead and move forward. Cancel the noise. Choose not to let insignificant matters way you down. Even if the door seems blocked or shut, there’ll always be a window open somewhere waiting for us. Look out only for optimistic answers and impacts. Doing this will save you a lot of time and energy.



Listen up: Saying no because you want to say no should be your choice and no one else’s. Not everyone will take your no positively or accept it but this shouldn’t stop you from saying no.

Saying yes to everyone to do everything when you’re dying from inside to say no can simply be a people-pleasing trait. You have to recognise it and make necessary changes to your life. Sometimes, even if we have important tasks of our own to tackle we hesitate to decline a request from others to complete something for them. Remember, you only have 24 hours in your day. If you’re still struggling to say no and don’t want to come across as rude, you can change the approach to the way you answer back. Tell the other person that you could help in another way and at some other point in time.

You can say no to socialising and even tell the other you’ll meet them some other day. You can always mellow down your response in a positive manner. This will also reduce any guilt felt. You’ll be relieved. It is important to remember that your saying no might not always be accepted in a positive manner. That is okay and normal.



Not just physical things but sometimes we might have to declutter our social media, people, our living space, our workspace, etc. Having clutter around us automatically makes us feel chaotic and scattered. Decluttering and organising from time to time can also simply give us that breathing space we long for.

Start small by tackling that one corner or chair in your room which is overcrowded with clothes, little knick-knacks, bags, etc. Next move to the medicine box or drawer. Empty your inbox and delete unwanted photos and WhatsApp forwards from your phone. Stay away from negative and toxic people. Donate to charity. Remember less is more.

Decluttering will make you feel empowered and give you a sense of triumph. You will free more liberated and free to complete your other essential tasks.

These few rituals or habits will surely help you rewire to live a balanced life. Do you already do any of these? Comment below and let us know. What else do you do to rewire to live a balanced life?

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