Today's #teentowndiaries post is a gist of what some teenagers did during the lockdown to be productive. This post also includes some of the life lessons they learnt.

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Sup’ people this is Gale Cotta here with my new series on this blog called #teentowndiaries. Have you read about this new series with me? If not then make sure you head to this post here.

Welcome to my first post in this series.

During this pandemic, mainly at the beginning when most of the world was under a lockdown many of us teens were confused and lost. We didn't know how to react to the whole unknown and uncertain situation or we even didn't know what to do with our lives being indoors.  

Some of you might still be confused or lost about the same. There are many of us who’ve taken this lockdown as a time to find side hustles and hence turning this pandemic around to our advantage.

I’m certain that many of you have your parents yell at you out of concern. Why? Because all they can see some of you doing is lazying around and being unproductive. Probably inside your phones or addicted to Netflix or gaming. That isn’t bad but it should be done in moderation. Some of you might just be asleep all day or hibernating in your rooms.

I understand that for some of us the pandemic and the lockdown has begun just a few days after our exams ended. We’d be studying all year round, and I’m sure like me there’ll be many of you guys who’d initially thought we’d just chill and not be productive at all but being in the routine of studying and keeping ourselves busy for a whole year with academics wasn’t easy to just let go off.

To be honest, after a month or two of sleeping, chilling, playing with my pet dog Coco, spending time and playing cards with Avozinha, helping Pai with gardening, helping mama with cleaning and cooking, etc, etc. I had to do something more with my life. So, that’s when I decided to join Truly Soulfully. Blogging was my way of being productive during this time. I honestly love writing and so this is just perfect.

For today’s blog post I decided to speak to many of my friends and family who are teenagers themselves. We’ve got an amazing response and I’d like to share it with you all. Maybe, this might help y’all find a side hustle too and be productive during this lockdown and maybe even continue it further. A side hustle can even be turned into a full-time job if you are really passionate about it and work hard to achieve it.

We’d asked them a set of 4 questions!

  1. What did you do during the lockdown? (Anything unique)
  2. How many hours a day did you allocate to the same?
  3. Did you learn something constructive from the lockdown? (like a life lesson)
  4. Will you continue doing this (task/routine/ etc.) after the lockdown is over and when life gets back to normal?

Here are some of the responses we’d received:

Ruth Mascarenhas, 16

Ruth tried many new gymnastic stunts whenever she’d have some time off from painting and sketching. The canvas is her best friend and she even sells her paintings.

During the lockdown, she learnt how important it is not to take life for granted. She understood that she’s privileged to have so many blessing in her life and that there are so many people out there who are less fortunate than she is.

She’s excited to carry on with her gymnastics and is quite impressed by how her gymnastic skills have improved tremendously. She’s happy to let all of you know that she’s mastered the headstand. It took a lot of time, hard work, perseverance besides hurting her head many times. She’s also tried out various new painting forms which is her dear passion.

Another fun thing she’s learnt to do is to bathe her cat without it running away. That’s quite a task, I know.

Check out more of her work here.

Aryan U, 15

Aryan spent more of his time during the lockdown learning about plants and gardening. He also enjoys practising Karate. He has certainly decided to carry forward his love for gardening.

An important life lesson he has learnt during this time is how to spend time with his family. He has learnt the value of spending time with his family.

My two cents on it: As teenagers, we are always rebellious or crazy at times, but there’s nothing greater than the love of your family.

Nicole Cabral, 14

Nicole has started a very unique way of being productive. She paints shoes and loves painting in general. Her passion is such that she does it whenever she feels like it.

Unfortunately, she might not continue this further because she thinks her priority at the moment is to fix her routine. She’s been sleeping in late and staying awake most nights.

I’m sure many of us teens face this similar problem. So, make sure like Nicole to change your routine first.

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The life lesson she learnt through all that’s been going on is that we should not take for granted the fact that we are free beings.

We shouldn’t take for granted that we can go out whenever we want and meet whomever we want.

Abhishek Fernandes, 16

Abhishek learnt the important life lesson that it is in the tough and unknown situations, that we as humans learn the things which make us precious in the world. Things like the pandemic teach us how to be brave, work as a community, help the needy, etc.

Throughout this lockdown, Abhishek utilised 4-5 hours each day helping the needy. He has started teaching them to play cricket, some gymnastic stunts, self-defence, etc. He has also helped those in need by tutoring them and in turn helping them with studying.

Abhishek teaching football

He plans on continuing to do this even post lockdown and just because he thinks that even though a pandemic or lockdown or whatever comes our way- however good or bad the situation life still has to move on. We should treat each day as a new day and a normal day.

Welroy Chris Vaz, 14

Welroy took to drawing and concentrated on working out. He doesn’t have a fixed routine for it but does this whenever he feels like. He has decided to continue doing this even post the lockdown because he believes that it is vital to continue doing what you do best in life. This is what he learnt too during this uncertain time.

Nathan Giovanni Pereira, 16

Nathan learnt Python basics and he believes that he is a pro PS4 gamer. He spends a good 6-7 hours doing this and plans on continuing this even further. If you’d like to challenge him with a game then feel free to do so by connecting with him on Instagram.

He thinks in life it is okay to be alone sometimes and this lets him focus better but then he is human just like all of us and he does miss his friends including me.

Maybe I should call him after I finish publishing this post.

Keane Cotta, 17

Keane has learnt quite a few things during this pandemic. He’s created and redecorated a small outdoor garden space in his balcony with his sister, Jeanne.

Keane lost in his music composition

Besides that, he has also started his own Youtube channel called Keane Cotta where he has started producing his own music and covers. Make sure to show him some love on Youtube and Instagram too. He is also an avid photographer and does it as a hobby. He spends over 6 hours per day making music.

This is something our family loves doing. We’re a musical family. Also, check out my twin uncles music YouTube channel called Cotta Twins.

Riya Pai, 16

Riya, who I also call my twin is a dear friend who spends most of her time each day listening to music, creating concept photoshoots with herself where she draws her feelings. She also has her own Youtube channel where she’s put up her video cover. She intends on continuing her passions of drawing and music because that’s her life and she’s known for that.

Riya has learnt many life lessons during this lockdown like how to overcome her anger, how to live without people who can hurt her, and most importantly how to concentrate on her life goals.

I’m so proud of the person she is and I know that she’ll grow to be even smarter and tougher.

Enrico Cardozo, 15

Whenever time permits Enrico records his own song covers. He intends on continuing this passion of his even post lockdown.

Enrico with his music teacher, Jesus Alves

Through this pandemic, Enrico has learnt that if you want to do something in life and if you concentrate and focus on your goal, you will definitely accomplish it. I believe in this too.

Zaid D, 16

Zaid learnt how to drive a car and also how to look after a business. He’d given these two tasks about 2hrs per day. He thinks he’ll probably continue this post lockdown but doesn’t seem to be too pleased with all that’s been going around.

Zaid working

Sejal Naik, 16

Sejal spends most of the day being creative and productive so much so that it didn’t lead to boredom which is just perfect for teens like us. When you follow your passion you can never feel tired of it.

She has also learnt a lot from the lockdown and has realised that life can be lived without external happiness. She tried her hands on many unique things which she had not done before like different dance forms and dance styles, she has worked out and concentrated on her physical fitness, she has even learnt to cook different foods. In short, she spent most of her time creating things and being creative. She’s definitely been quite productive during this lockdown.

Rosann Almeida Fernandes, 15

Rosann has learnt how to breed new plants in the garden. She spent 2 hours per day doing this and enjoyed it thoroughly. She intends on doing this even after the lockdown is over and when life gets back to normal. Besides that, she also enjoys sketching and drawing.

Some of Rosann’s art

She has learnt many life lessons during this pandemic, she has learnt that life is a journey and success is only a part of it. Our main goal in this life’s journey is to be happy.

Nico Gracias, 16

Nico spent 2-3 hours each day learning a new language (Portuguese) as he thought that it would be the best time for it. He also did a lot of gardening, playing the guitar, learnt new songs and techniques, did some paintings, cooked new dishes, and did some photography. He plans on continuing this even when life gets back to normal. But in addition to this, he also plans on pursuing new tasks and activities.

Nico with his guitar

He has learnt an important life lesson that life is unpredictable and it will throw many things or situations at you from time to time which might even be very cruel. However, it is you who has to learn to survive, smile and be happy no matter what.

Marc Dias, 17

During the lockdown, Marc took some time to learn about podcasting and even started his own podcast called THE MARC. It is the stop for all the hottest and latest news about everything you need to know at the earliest with a lot of fun. From music to sports to celebrity news to current social issues to latest big events to film reviews that you need to know about. You can listen to it on Spotify or by clicking the link in his bio on Instagram.

Listen to THE MARC now

Besides launching his own podcast Marc also learnt new songs on the guitar. He allocates about 1 and a half hour for the podcast daily and about half an hour for his guitar lessons and plans on continuing this even after the lockdown but for a lesser time.

He learnt an important life lesson during this lockdown which is also a reason why I chose to take up blogging as a side hustle. Sometimes when life throws opportunities at us like a break from our regular routine of life we must use it to do things which we may not be able to have done otherwise or ever before.

So with that, I’d like to sign off with today’s blog post with the #teentowndiaries series. I hope you’d find some inspiration after reading this and you learn to smile more.

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