An insight into how life has changed in the last one month. The world outside, new rules to abide by and living in the new normal.

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Hey guys, I hope you all are well and safe. This post is a follow up to my last post about returning back to work in the new normal. If you haven’t read it yet then do check it out here. Living in the new normal is so different and one of a kind.

With today’s post, I’d like to give you all an insight into how the last month has been. To be honest, I’m less anxious now and I’ve learnt to deal with the new normal. Life just has to move on.

New age selfies

So, what’s new?

We’d started going to work by wearing gloves along with masks but then the weather was just too warm to wear gloves all the time and especially while travelling. Hence we’ve just resorted to sanitising our hands regularly. We also make sure to wash our hands properly with antibacterial soap as soon as we get to work.

Personally, being asthmatic and claustrophobic it’s just so difficult for me to wear a mask continuously. But, as per the rule at the moment here in the UK, I still wear it on the underground while going to and from work. It is mandatory to wear a face-covering on all public transport. I think this is a good practice and people in Japan used to do it out of courtesy even before this whole virus took over the world. I spoke to my aunt who is Japanese, and she too confirmed that people in Japan wear a face covering if they’ve got a cold or cough. Also, old people in Japan wear a mask normally to prevent themselves from catching anything that’s been going around in the air.

Things which aren’t the usual:

  • We also visited central London which was quite empty compared to the way it used to be otherwise. So expect lesser crowds whenever you go.
  • On the London underground or TFL, you can expect not to have people in your face anymore even if its during peak hours. Those who live here would understand what I mean by that.
  • If you visit any clothing shop you won’t be allowed to use the trial room or try on any new clothes.
  • You cannot use any toilets or washrooms in shops or stores anymore.
  • You have to sanitise your hands every time you enter a new store. Not to over-exaggerate but I sanitised my hands almost 20 times a few days back in a span of 3 hours.
  • If you order a takeout then make sure to ask them to leave it at your door or pick it up yourself from their delivery bags.
  • A maximum of 20 persons on the bus at all times. 25 persons as an exception for families.
  • Make sure to queue up outside stores as most places have a maximum occupancy limit.
  • Weekends aren’t like normal weekends anymore unless you are part of those few rule-breakers.

In between, we also had a week off work and had a choice of travelling or visiting new places but decided on doing it some other time as the government has begun having local lockdowns because of the surge in Covid-19 cases in some places.

Things to focus on while living in the new normal:

Besides all this, it has become even more important and crucial to focus on self-care. Check this post here to give you an insight into the various types of self-care.

Also, creating a happy space is very important in uncertain times like these. Check this post here to learn more about this. Here are 10 affirmations for anxiety if you get anxious like me. Saying these aloud every day has helped me and should help you too.

And no matter what happens in your life or how life treats you, make sure to always be kind. Start with little acts of kindness.

Maintain social distancing at all times

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