Most of us here in the UK will be returning to work soon. Returning back to the new normal post lockdown might bring in various emotions and anxiety.

Most of us will be returning to work here in the UK on 15th June 2020 i.e. the following Monday. Returning back to the new normal post lockdown might bring in various emotions and anxiety and also the fear of the unknown.

Honestly most of us have been on a lockdown for about 12 weeks and it’s been tough for everyone. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve screamed, we’ve grumbled but above all we’ve coped admirably with the changes to our daily lives which the pandemic brought with it. At least with the advancement in technology we were able to video call our family and friends and near and dear ones. Imagine a time when there were no phones, there was no internet, emails or messaging especially during war times. It might have been much more difficult for people then. Because even during the 1918 Spanish flue pandemic things would’ve been many times worse.

Once again we will be driving back to work or taking the bus..

Going back to work will be a cause of anxiety for some people. This is only natural and we are all in this together. We certainly have a new normal now and some of us might need help to deal with this new normal effectively.


The new normal is the way life will proceed amidst this pandemic. We will be going out more but not really meeting much people or having shopping trips with friends or those we don’t live with. This is just one of the many instances or scenarios which will be different to what things used to be like. We would now be wearing masks and gloves, sometimes maybe even customised ones. Most of us will carry hand sanitisers and use them more frequently than we’ve ever used before in our lives. We will be maintaining social distancing from every person or stranger we cross our paths with anywhere and everywhere. In some places like the UK, a compulsory 2m distance is observed. It will be months before this new normal changes and for now it is the obligatory way of life to protect ourselves and those around us from Covid-19.


  • It is imperative that you maintain social distancing even at work.
  • Keep your work surfaces clean by disinfecting it regularly.
  • Wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds with an antibacterial hand wash/soap and water or use a hand sanitiser. Wash your hands mostly:
    • when you get to work and at regular intervals throughout the day
    • after you cough, sneeze or even blow your nose
    • before you eat or handle food
  • Keep hydrated and try and drink hot fluids throughout the day.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Wear clean clothes everyday. Wipe and sanitise your footwear daily.
  • Use a tissue when coughing or sneezing and discard it immediately after use.
  • If you feel unwell or show any symptoms then make sure you inform any higher-ups.
  • If permitted try and work from home as much as possible.
  • If allowed to do so inquire about cutting short shifts or finishing your contracted hours over fewer days wherever possible.
  • Also, inquire about arrangements which could be made if your company or job permits it to start and finish your shifts during non-peak hours on public transport. This is mainly for those who suffer from any underlining health conditions.
  • Make sure to take home-cooked meals or snacks for breaks.


Besides this, it is also important to take care of your mental well-being and try and curb any anxiety which you might face during this time or by going back to work. Make sure to take care of yourself too. Work on taking care of yourself even more than before by having an effective self-care routine. Also, make sure to eat and drink many immunity boosting foods.

Once again we will be taking the train or the tube to work. Make sure to wear masks at all times.

These past 3 months have been trying for all of us and I’m sure each of our own experiences echoes this. Most of us except key workers have been confined to our homes, asked to stay away from our loved ones and had basic freedom curtailed-albeit for very good reasons. It will obviously be sometime before we are truly ‘back to normal’.

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Until then~ stay home, stay safe and be calm.


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