The #teentowndiaries Series

The #teentowndiaries is a new series on the blog by our very own Gale Cotta!! Join her on this exciting journey of hers. Make sure to use the hashtag. Enjoy!

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Sup’ people!! Hello, I’m Gale Cotta and many of y’all will know me from the Little Acts of Kindness blog post I recently wrote for Truly Soulfully. I’m proud to announce that I’ve joined Truly Soulfully as a full-time blogger. You can find more blog posts by me, especially for teenagers under the hashtag #teentowndiaries.


Welcome to #teentowndiaries

What are the various things you’ll find here…

  • A day in my life as a teenager or a day in the life of my friends
  • Being productive as a teenager during the lockdown
  • Teenagers and their troubled emotions
  • Teenage hormones and sexual maturity
  • Teenagers and their mental health and well-being
  • Manage your time effectively as a teenager
  • Following your dreams
  • Working on a side hustle while still studying
  • Learn to save money as a teenager
  • Teenage self-care
  • Choosing the right career
  • Bullying and its evils
  • Being a teenager on social media
  • Social responsibility as a teenager
  • Being a conscious environmentalist as a teenager
  • Anxiety and stress in the life of teenagers
  • Building your self-esteem for personal well-being
  • Knowing who you are and believing in yourself
  • Family life and social life of a teen

A small note about me:

Hello again, I’m Gale the author of the #teentowndiaries. I’m a 16-year-old teenager who has gone through half of my teenage life and half is still a mystery. I would request you to join me in the remaining half of my unfinished adventure. So make sure to follow me on Instagram and always use the hashtag #teentowndiaries whenever you want to tag me in a post…

I’m off to follow my big dreams.. I love to create and explore new things and places. Some of my hobbies include singing, star gazing, art and a lot more. I’ll speak about all of this in some upcoming posts on the blog…

My motto in life is to always be happy and enjoy what I’m doing…Comment down below and let me know your mantra…


#teentowndiares is a series where I’m looking forward to pouring out my thoughts in a way to help teenagers in every way possible. If you’re not a teenager you still can join me in this series to know more about our life and the various adventures we love to be a part of. Whether you are old, young or in between, feel free to join in nevertheless. Can’t wait to dive into this exciting journey and share with you all what #teentowndiaries has in-store. Just so excited!! 🤩

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See you soon!!


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