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Hey dearies, it’s my birthday today and we decided to have a tradition sort of for both, Nigel’s and my birthday that we would blog about various life lessons or things about us and it would always be the number of years we are on that particular birthday… #birthdayspecial

26years old today..

So this year being my 26th I thought I’d share with you all 26 things that I’ve learnt in my life/life lessons… or 26 things about me..

Let’s begin:

  1. Family is very important. Family is everything to me. I am so blessed with such an amazing family and the love showered upon me today is just so emotionally overwhelming.
  2. Your siblings are your first friends and they’ll stand by you no matter. I just love mine so dearly. Shoutout to Eneide and Gale.
  3. Be best friends with your spouse/partner. “Nigel, Thank you for being you!!!I love you truly soulfully.”
  4. It’s always good to have a routine. Here’s a night time routine for you to check out.
  5. Use a planner. It makes life more organised and simpler.
  6. You don’t have to have a million friends, even 2-3 or maybe even one is enough if he/she is a good friend.
  7. Procrastination is an evil you don’t want to be friends with.
  8. Sometimes it’s okay to just take a break and treat yourself. Here’s a list of the different types of self-care for you to check out.
  9. Self-love is everything. This is something I learnt in recent years.
  10. Being independent is being your own boss and feeling proud about yourself.
  11. Focus on your mental health & wellbeing. Nothing else should matter.
  12. It is so important to keep negative thoughts and negative people away. Always remember to be kind.
  13. Life is so uncertain so make sure to live your life to the fullest. Here are some ways to beat the Covid-19 blues.
  14. Never give up. Always try again until you succeed. That feeling is just surreal and worth the failure.
  15. Be your own hero.
  16. It’s never too late to learn something new.
  17. People will talk, gossip or even pull you down but let them do that. You cannot stop them. But don’t let that affect you. Grow and continue growing no matter what.
  18. Self-care should be of utmost importance to you.
  19. If you feel things cannot be mended just keep your distance.
  20. Work on yourself and for yourself. You are enough.
  21. Inculcate good habits. Acquiring a new habit isn’t difficult just do it consistently for a few days and you’ll automatically make it a part of life.
  22. Saving is very important because you do not know how life will unfold. Hence it’s better to be prepared and financially stable.
  23. Having a side hustle is always a good idea.
  24. Make good/positive vibes your only mantra. ( #positivevibesonly )
  25. If you love someone, make sure to tell them that before it’s too late.
  26. Smile no matter what. When you reciprocate a smile, it makes life so much better. And remember~ You can either make or break someones day just with a smile. So just smile more…

Have a great day y’all!!!

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Hugs and kisses xx

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