An effective night time self-care routine

Having an effective night time self-care routine is as important as having any other self-care routine. It helps you prepare well for the next morning. Personally, it just makes me feel good about myself and also reduces my anxiety to some extent. Most importantly, it lets me have a sound nights sleep.

Having an effective night time self-care routine is as important as having any other self-care routine. It helps you prepare well for the next morning. Personally, it just makes me feel good about myself and also reduces my anxiety to some extent. Most importantly, it lets me have a sound nights sleep.

Some of my favourite body lotions

So, what exactly is my night time self-care routine?

You can do whatever you really like but definitely keep your phone away. Do not mindlessly scroll through social media.

STEP 1: Have a warm drink

Personally, this is one of my favourite part about this night time self-care routine. Honestly, it doesn’t have to be complicated. It is as simple as prepping some hot water, pouring it into a cup or mug and putting in a tea bag. You can even heat the water in advance and store it in a thermos flask. I prefer some detox flavoured tea for this or sometimes even some green tea for that matter. My favourites include: a berry flavoured tea, chamomile tea, peppermint tea, etc.

My flavoured tea storage container. It comes handy to use for my night time routine.

Actually, chamomile tea is known to have relaxing properties which will help you sleep well at night. Besides that having a warm drink before bed facilitates in improved digestion and also in turn helps with weight loss.

Nothing better than helping you to sleep well and also at the same time loss weight too right? At least for someone like me for whom being overweight has always been a hassle.

Also, if you’re looking for a healthy detox turmeric latte to give you that sound sleep at night then do not forget to check out this post here.

STEP 2: Prepare a to-do-list for the next day

This is very crucial for me to do if I want to be productive the next day. For some of us we’re still in a lockdown and do not know until when but for others like me who will be starting work in a week it is important to prepare a to-do-list and get as much work done during the day before our full-time job resumes.

This is something I want to continue doing even when I begin work. It is always good to plan your day and even if the day doesn’t go as per your plan it is still good to be organised and somewhat productive.

The main point about planning your day is that you know what are the things you have to do and what are the things which can be done on a slower pace. At least it will help you organise your day. You can do this also while journaling at the end. But, make sure this is done. Trust me when I say this: Whenever I plan my day well the previous night, I automatically feel relaxed that I have something to look forward to for the next day.

STEP 3: Read a book

Reading for even few minutes will let you broaden your horizons yet will keep you informed. Read anything~ a book, a newspaper, an article, literature, poetry, fiction or even non-fiction, a cookbook, etc. whatever you really fancy. Apparently, various studies show that reading reduces stress and a good night’s sleep is definitely ensured when you’re less stressed.

Make it a habit to read something positive before going to bed.

However, reading at night doesn’t always have to be super informative. It can be some light reading which helps you to relax and rewind after a tiring day. Sometimes, I just like to go through some cookbooks or even read a page or two of some self-love book.

I would highly recommend Vex King’s book Good Vibes, Good Life. I’ve honestly read this book over 3 times already and always see myself going back to it. I think it is one of those must have books for learning self-love. Worth the read!

STEP 4: Night skin -care routine

I start by having a nice hot/warm bath or shower. Then, if I wash my hair I make sure to dry it out well because if I don’t then I always end up falling sick. I shall keep the other details for my hair care routine for another day.

Then, if I’ve had a shower earlier and have makeup on then I start by removing my make-up and for that I use the Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water. After that, I cleanse and tone my face with the Nivea Daily Essentials 2 in 1 Cleanser & Toner. Then, I proceed to wash my face and exfoliate my skin.

Sometimes, if I’ve got some extra time at hand then I use the Soap & Co. Mineral Peeling Gel and scrub my face and neck well. It helps in peeling off all excess impurities from the skin and removes dead skin. If I’ve not got too much time to pamper my skin well then I just move on to moisturising my face with the L’Oréal extraordinary sleeping oil as I predominately have dry skin on my face. .

I also apply lotion on my hands and legs and lately the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with vitamin E has been my favourite. It smells like some sweet cocoa butter dessert. Some of the other brands I like include: The Body Shop’s Shea whipped-lotion, Molton Brown’s Delicious Rhubarb & Rose Body Lotion and also Fabindia’s Wild Rose Body Lotion.

STEP 5:Meditate

Meditating is very important for me. With all that’s been going on around it helps me calm my anxiety and also helps me relax after a tiring day. I prefer sitting on the floor or chair and meditating because whenever I try sleeping and meditating I usually always fall asleep.

I prefer meditating twice a day these lockdown days.

You can either meditate and pray if you’re religious or even just simply meditate. A guided meditation is an option and you can find many motivational meditation videos for free on YouTube. There’s also Apps you can download like Synctuition, Breathe, Calm, etc. which are good for meditation.

Or you can just play some calming music and relax with some basic breathing exercises. This should and can be your only point of contact with technology at night. Use Alexa or Google or Siri to give you some soothing music.

Also, read more about meditation and its importance in this post here.

STEP 6: Journaling

Journaling is also something which I do at the end of my self-care night routine just before I sleep. I make sure to note down all the ups and highs which flagged out during the day. It is good to document this every day and you can always go back to it whenever you like.

Try gratitude journaling…It really helps the soul and teaches you to be more thankful.

Penning down your thoughts makes you feel calm and relaxed. It increases creativity and teaches you how to be grateful. You can do any type of journaling you really like. Whether it is gratitude journaling or creative thoughts journaling or even motivational journaling, doesn’t really matter as long as it makes you happy and feel good about yourself.

Also, besides all this I also try some basic stretching and breathing exercises. You can also try some aromatherapy along with meditation. But no matter what you do, make sure you do not go back to your phone.

Do you have a night time routine? Comment down below and let us know. We would love to chat with you all and have healthy discussions on night time routines.

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