20 Best podcasts to listen to while on a lockdown or even otherwise. Here is a range of various podcasts to motivate you or just for fun.

Listening to Podcasts is trending for quite some time now. Being on a lockdown we’ve been blessed with so much more free time at our disposal. So here’s a list of the best podcasts to listen to while on a lockdown instead of spending hours overindulging Bridgerton on Netflix. This list should help people of all ages and different walks of life. Four of us from the TS team have gotten together to present you with this list of ‘must listen to’ podcasts.


Teenager Therapy

Teenager Therapy is a podcast for teenagers created by five teenagers themselves. It is a podcast very helpful to teenagers to help them go through their very unique teenage life or teenager period. They speak about various topics and mainly focus on what teenagers go through from their personal life experiences as teenagers. They give out the message that not every teenager is alone in what they feel. Most of them as teenagers go through similar if not likewise experiences.

Gale Cotta from #teentowndiaries enjoys listening to this podcast whenever she feels down or is overthinking about life.

The Straight Shooter Recruiter

Aiming to nail that job interview or create a perfect balance on your resume, here’s your chance to grab every opportunity to get better at the process. Eden de Horta Ribeiro tunes into this podcast whenever she feels anxious about upcoming tasks and it helps her gain more clarity towards her approach. Even listening to it just a week before an interview helps her put things in perspective and prepare better.

She hopes you will enjoy listening to this podcast and it will help you manifest that job or placement you want.

Song Exploder

Have you ever wondered how your favourite songs were made? How they came to life and the story behind the music? Did you ever want to know how your favourite singer relates to the songs he/she writes and what they mean for them?

Then this podcast is for you!! Song Exploder hosted by Hrishikesh Hirway interviews musicians where they break apart their songs into pieces revealing to us the backstory behind their art! Even if you’re just curious about how a particular song became a mega-hit, Song Exploder has that in store too!!

One of Reeva de Sa’s favourite episodes is the one about Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 hit Go Your Own Way, featuring Lindsey Buckingham himself! Another is the episode with The Lumineers explains the process behind their song Ophelia.

Other singers interviewed by the podcaster include Selena Gomez, Billie Eilish, Hozier, Mumford and Sons, The Cranberries, Rachel Platten, Yo-Yo Ma.

With such a wide range of genres featured, you’re sure to find your favourites! Reeva thoroughly enjoys listening to this podcast because as a person who’s always loved music, she loves listening to the stories people share about themselves too. And this podcast has both!

Meditation Minis Podcast

This podcast by Chel Hamilton has helped me in many ways during this pandemic and all the anxiety which came with it. Listening to an episode every evening during my daily meditation has helped change my mindset and calm myself down. It has helped me be more aware of the present and has helped me experience the calmness which a good reflection session can bring. Chel can take you from your meditation couch or pillow to that outside place far away amongst nature, along the riverside where you can hear the pure streams flowing or the birds chirping.

She has a variety of episodes and it is a sure podcast to tune in to during this lockdown some of us are in at the moment.

Listen to this podcast during your meditation session

Fearless Motivation

This podcast is about motivational speeches and pep talks for success. Many times we feel demotivated or unsuccessful. We even might decide to give up. This is when you should listen to this podcast. It reminds you of all the struggles you’ve gone through all these years and still stood strong. This podcast helps you believe in yourself again and eventually helps you move on and not give up so easily. It makes us realise that if others could face their struggles and emerge victoriously then even we can do it.

This podcast that is Gale’s go-to podcast has helped motivate her, she hopes it will motivate you too to stand up and restart no matter what has happened before.

7 Good Minutes Daily Self-Improvement Podcast

7 Good Minutes should be the first thing you listen to in the morning. Personally, Eden listens to this while brushing her teeth and practising her daily skincare. It has helped her begin her day with a positive outlook and motivates her to take on the day with full vigour!

Some of her favourite episodes include ‘How to be loyal to yourself’ and ‘How to overcome obstacles in your life’. This podcast has helped her with her anxiety and her self-love journey.

TED Talks Daily

This podcast brings to you the latest TED Talks in audio. If you’re a fan of… Honestly anything under the sun, TED has a talk about it for you!


With podcasts posted every weekday, some of the latest titles include ‘How to avoid catching prickly Emotions from other people’, ‘How Vulnerability makes you a Better Leader’, Lessons on leaving the World better than you found it’, and a talk that really inspired Reeva, ‘Who are you really? The Puzzle of Personality by psychologist Brian Little.

TED Talks Daily encourages you to look for learning new ways of being, thinking and acting to make life better for yourself, those around you and the world at large.

On Purpose

This Podcast by Jay Shetty is a go-to podcast for me whenever I’m looking for that varied perspective on life or some little motivation to keep going or work on my relationships a little better every day or for anything really. Jay brings fascinating interviews and hearty conversations with mindful people from all over the world. There are new episodes out every Monday and Friday.

He has had guests like Kobe Bryant, Alicia Keys, Radhi Devlukia Shetty, etc. He speaks about topics on work, on love, on self, on service, etc. Tune in and have a listen for yourself.

Influencer Entrepreneurs

Many of us have become pandemic-born entrepreneurs and I believe this is a podcast to help with various tips and tricks of running a business as an entrepreneur, especially if you’re just starting out.

Being a blogger, I see myself learning new things about blogging from books, resources, online media, podcasts, Youtube videos, other entrepreneurs and their experiences, etc. However, sometimes if I’m stuck with any aspect of being an entrepreneur or blogger I find myself going back to this podcast by Jenny Melrose. She interviews influencers from different fields too.

Some of my favourite episodes are ‘Self Care Tips for Women Business Owners with Megan Porta’, ‘How to effectively cultivate Community within your brand’, ‘How to think like a Boss by Kate Crocco’ and so many more.

Feel Better Live More

This podcaster Dr Rangan Chatterjee is a GP and Author. He speaks and interviews people for his podcast about various topics ranging from ‘The Power of Positivity’, ‘How Food can improve your Mood’, ‘Why Consistency is the Key to Success’, ‘How to Improve your Sleep and why you Should’, etc.

I try to go back to listening to this podcast every other week to get some additional inspiration and just feel better and live more.


The Michelle Obama Podcast

Eden could go on and on about Michelle Obama and this podcast. I’m sure we all could agree too! She’s a goddess.

Michelle Obama has been a great inspiration and mentor for Eden. After reading her biography ‘Becoming’, she fell in love with every step of her journey in life. Michelle throws light on so many theories and aspects of life, right from teenage life to menopause. After all, she is a lady who has seen a simple life as well as she’s lived in the White House for 8 years when her husband, Barack Obama was the President of the United States of America. Apart from this, she is also a mother, leader and mentor to many youngsters these days.

Eden hopes that you get as inspired as her by Michelle to pursue your dreams and learn from her life.

Based on a True Story

BOATS reveals the true story behind some of our favourite Hollywood stories. Featuring blockbuster films, the podcast compares movies to history.

Many films claim to be based on real life events, but how exactly are they depicted? Did Jack and Rose truly exist? What about Mulan and Pocahontas? How accurately does Bohemian Rhapsody portray the life and legend of Freddie Mercury?

Find all the answers to all these questions and more right in here!

Some movies included in this podcast are The Imitation Game, The Sound of Music, Schindler’s List, The Greatest Showman and many more.

Being a massive fan of The Lord of the Rings books and movies, Reeva’s personal favourites are Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and Return of the King where podcaster, Dan Lefebvre analyses and compares the movies to the Lord of the Rings books.

Motivational Mornings

This podcast by Ryan Lincoln & Vivie Bojilov is a sure shot to motivate you to have a great start to your mornings. It is the podcast that gets you going before you get going. So that makes it an ideal listen to first thing in the morning. The hosts make it very fun and motivating too.

Definitely recommend listening to this podcast during this lockdown whenever you feel demotivated or lost. It has proved to help many stay motivated and it will be a saviour for you too.

Good Vibes Good Life

I’ve been obsessed with Vex King‘s work ever since I can across his Instagram page. If you’re not following him there then I don’t know what you’re even doing with your life. Later, I got my hands on his book ‘Good Vibes Good Life’ and I can proudly proclaim that it is definitely my favourite book about self-love.

This podcast just delves into more of Vex’s insights about life and is a definite listen during this lockdown.

Good Vibes Good Life

The Knowledge Project

The Knowledge Project is a podcast by Farnam Street and hosted by Shane Parrish. The interviews on the podcast help you think, reflect and better understand the intricacies and interrelations in the world in which we live. After listening to the episodes, you’ll be left with a curiosity to learn more about the topic discussed.

Some of my favourite episodes are ‘Observing the Present’, ‘Effortless Mindfulness’, ‘Developing the Leader in You’,’Creating Routine in Chaos’, etc.

Hidden Brain Podcast

This podcast by Hidden Brain is like a life lessons kind of podcast. It teaches you many profound thoughts or topics about life in general.

I see myself going, now and then, back to this podcast whenever I feel like listening to something different or learning something new.

Fearless Business Podcast

As the tagline suggests, the Fearless Business Podcast is a podcast which brings to the limelight the business behind running a business.

If you are a business owner or just starting out then this podcast is a sure listen. Like the other podcasts I’ve mentioned above, this podcast helps me with my journey as an entrepreneur, businesswoman and blogger.

The Travel Diaries

This podcast by Holly Rubenstein takes you on a journey right from your home to the various countries she talks about. Being on a lockdown we all miss travelling and cannot wait to start travelling again. All the episodes by Holly inspire you to plan your future travels well and be excited for them.


I’ve enjoyed her episodes about Italy, France, and Dubai. Besides that, you also have episodes with other travel junkies and enthusiasts, which include famous celebs, that you can enjoy!

Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know is a very fun and innovative podcast by iHeartRadio and hosted by Josh Clark & Chuck Bryant. As kids, we used to have books called ‘Did You Know?’, I find this podcast so similar.

It is fun, innovative, inquisitive, curious, and quite interesting. I see myself enjoying an episode from this podcast mainly on days when I just want to chill.

Money Moves

This podcast produced by BBC Radio 1Xtra presented by Toni Tone is comparatively newer. It is a good listen if you want to learn to manage your money smartly. Her podcast helps you to dream and still have a healthy money mindset earlier on in life.

With the pandemic, we all know how important it has been to save every penny we earn or mainly manage our savings, earnings well. This podcast will help you do just that. Money Moves is a tool kit to give you confidence in managing your relationship with money.


Whether you are a teenager or someone in your late 20s or 30s or even retired or a busy mum, or someone who is working during this pandemic and lockdown. Whoever you are, you are sure to find something to listen to from this list of the best podcasts to listen to while on a lockdown. I hope times change and things normalise soon but whether you are on a lockdown or not, this podcast list is sure to be beneficial.

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