What next after you decide to follow your dreams

This is what you should do once you've decided to follow your dreams and make them a reality. Here are a few pointers to make note of.

This is something I was hunting for once I decided to quit my full-time job ~ ‘WHAT NEXT AFTER YOU DECIDE TO FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS.’

Before anything else, just give yourself a huge round of applause and praise for taking the first step towards following your dreams. You did it. You overcame that fear. If you suffer from anxiety, then I know doing this wasn’t easy for you. But against all odds, you still did it! Congratulations!!

Remember that you are uniquely a badass for doing this. Not everyone does it even if they say they would.

It is important to follow your dreams if you genuinely can’t sleep at night because you are not being true to yourself. Never do it for the world. But only and solely for yourself.

Irrespective of what your dreams are and the reason why you quit your full-time job to follow those dreams this is what you should do after you’ve decided to follow your dreams.


Take some time off to gather yourself

Maybe you quit a job which really pushed you beyond your limits or even put you through hell. It only worsened your mental health and even deteriorated your physical health for years. Whatever the reason might be, once your handed in your notice and served that notice period, take the next few days or weeks easy and gather yourself and your thoughts. Take all the time you need to prepare yourself mentally to start working for yourself. That just sounds so liberating, isn’t it?

Set a routine

Even a routine like trying to sleep on time, getting up on time and completing a full night’s sleep can really help and help you be more productive and effective in the tiniest tasks you undertake. See what works for you over a few days or weeks and set that as a routine. Include some self-care, morning routine, night routine, exercise, meal prep, etc. whatever works for you as a person. Form habits that work for you.

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Spending time loving the little joys of life

Personally, I enjoy gardening and spending time admiring nature. Do whatever you like but appreciate the little joys of life. Enjoy the birds chirping in the morning or the sunset at the end of the day. Tidying up, cooking a meal, doing the laundry, arranging your bookshelf, etc. Put a positive intention into every little task you complete every day.

After a point in life you might be in a position to get help to do the regular mundane day-to-day work at home but even then maybe help them in setting the table or clearing your dishes once done. Maybe even water the indoor plants in your room. Something small. Spend a few minutes every day to just appreciate and enjoy the little joys in life. The pandemic was a reminder of just that besides other small lessons.

Practice gratitude and mindfulness

Be grateful for where you are and from where you’ve come. Practice gratitude every day. Be mindful of your surroundings and every small task you’ll now complete to make your dream a reality. Be mindful of your journey and every step you take. Be grateful that you’ve come this far.

Be more present

Always remember to be more present. Remain grounded no matter what the circumstance is or where your journey ultimately leads you.

Accept uncertainty

Uncertainty will be a part and parcel for the first few days, weeks, months or even years. Learn to live with it. Accept it. Don’t let it bring you down. Take that leap of faith in every situation which unfolds itself to you or just simply follow its course.

Remember that failure is a stepping stone to success

Fail once, fail twice, fail 100x but never give up. Failer is a stepping stone for success. Failure teaches you so many lessons. Major life lessons even. Always remember that you might be just a minute away from the success you strive for. You might be few seconds away from achieving that goal you set for yourself. Failure is an important pillar to success.

Set your goals

No goal is too big or too small. Set those unique goals for yourself. They might sound cringy to others. Do it nevertheless. DO IT FOR YOURSELF. I would say set smaller goals. Even a tiny win is a valid one.

Stop being a people pleaser

This is so important. For the longest time, I refrained from following my dreams because I kept thinking what people would say or how they would react to me taking this huge leap of faith. But you geninuely need to only and only be true to yourself.

If you being busy following your dreams upsets those around you, friends and family alike, don’t care too much about it. Do what you feel like. You aren’t answerable to anyone. If someone doesn’t understand you or the way you are or the things you do then just remember that you don’t need that validation from anyone. You do you boo!!

Be more patient

Patience is an important virtue you want to hold on to during this transition. However the situation pans out, hold on there. Be patient during this journey after you decide to follow your dreams. Understand that you’ll have hurdles and the journey might not be as smooth. But make sure to be patient. You might have a brain fog or maybe even a burn out at times. Still be patient. Focus on your end goal even then.

Manage your time well

Time management is crucial in whatever you intend to do. Time is precious. Use it meaningfully. Work smart. Try and be as productive during the day or night as you please.

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Plan your next step

Have a schedule, use planners, have a vision board, set those reminders. Whatever works for you, plan yourself and your next few steps after you decide to follow your dreams.

Remind yourself that even a small step every day counts

If you feel like giving up or you feel like you haven’t done much or you feel like you aren’t achieving much then remind yourself every day that every small step towards your dream matters and counts.

I can just go on and on with this post but these are a few things which can be the first few pointers for you to hold on to and do after you decide to follow your dreams.

I would appreciate if you help me towards my dream.

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