Hobbies are always fun to have. Having a hobby can help us in various ways. Read more to find out.

Hey Guys! Welcome back to #teentowndiaries with me Gale Cotta. I hope y’all have been having a great time. Today I’ve got a new post for you all and it’s all about the perks of choosing a good hobby.


Firstly, let me begin with this question:

What is a hobby?

A hobby is an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure. However, a hobby is said to be one of the most important gifts that we have in our lives and that we can give ourselves.

I’m sure you will agree with that thought.

Why is it important to choose a good hobby:

The following are some perks of choosing a good hobby:

Encourages us to take breaks

We all have a very busy schedule in life. But it is very important to make time for ourselves by taking a break. Everyone loves a productive life, not a boring and useless one. So the best way to do so is to find a good hobby. It can be anything you like and enjoy. For example, reading, blogging, cycling or star glazing. Hobbies add more value to the breaks you take. Eventually, they will give you inner satisfaction and happiness. Hobbies also help us to become more energetic and focused on a particular task while still enjoying those tasks.

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Stress Reliever

We teenagers and even adults go through a lot of stress. It could be work-related, board exams approaching and so on. So engaging in your hobbies is a great way to reduce stress other than scrolling through your social media accounts.

Hobbies help you to distract your mind from your studies or other important work or even any kind of negative emotions which eventually fade away. If you ever heard an interview from any of the exam toppers one of their main stress relievers is engaging in their hobby/hobbies of choice.

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Creative Minds

Hobbies help us to put out the creativity that is within us. Creativity is a very important skill that we all have in different ways. Sometimes we haven’t explored our creativity, so we have to give ourselves a chance to try out new hobbies and see what we are good at. These hobbies then can even turn into one’s career in the future if one is passionate about it. We learn and improve a lot of our skills too.


Depression Healer

We all go through various forms of depression in life. Sometimes it is a milder form but at times it can kill you from inside. That is when we all try seeking ways we can get out of it and feel better. For example by seeing a therapist, going for counselling and so on.

Did you ever think about this, that our hobbies can heal our depression! The reason is that a hobby is something that we all possess and it is something that we enjoy doing. It makes us feel good about ourselves and it eliminates the negative emotions and the feeling of doubtfulness and worthlessness. We then automatically feel that we have a reason and a purpose to live.


Hobbies teach us a very important lesson that is to concentrate on one particular task and also to make time for ourselves. When we are engrossed in a hobby, may it be singing or dancing or art or listening to music we feel free and at peace. We are focused on that one particular task and we don’t get distracted easily and that helps us to concentrate. That’s when we feel good about ourselves and eventually make time for ourselves.


Help improve Physical Health

Hobbies help us to get ourselves in better shape. Having hobbies like swimming, jogging, running, yoga, hiking and so on is a very good way to improve your physical health. They also help us to get closer to nature. Hobbies will help us to increase one’s confidence, energy levels and likewise, keep us active and on our feet all the time hence not giving you a chance to feel lethargic and lazy.

Discovering a wider world

Hobbies widen our imagination. It makes us see the world in a new and positive way. It helps us come up with unique innovative ways to do things. It helps you interact with a lot of people with similar interests to you and eventually increases your social status. It also makes you deal with new challenges in life that motivates you to learn and improve yourself. They satisfy everyone not only the ones who are curious about everything in life.

Strengthens your relationships

Sharing your hobbies, in the sense-making people happy by showing them your love through your hobbies. For example: singing for your family gives them joy and happiness and helps you to grow your bond even deeper and closer. This is one of the best bonding exercises to do with a friend or a family member.


Mini additional income 

Some of us who really enjoy our hobbies many times make it our lifetime job. We might start small and eventually start our own business. Sometimes it helps us with our career too as we choose a career that includes our hobbies. Examples like becoming a wedding planner or a chef and so on. 

Promotes eustress 

Eustress is a positive kind of stress that gets you excited about doing a particular job. Hobbies help us achieve this kind of stress. When you are low for no real reason you can do something that gets you very excited and happy and one of the best things to do are your hobbies. For example: hobbies like gardening which is peaceful and it gets your mind refreshed and you start feeling better.

Those are a few perks of choosing a good hobby.

How can you choose a good hobby?

  • Think if you had a hobby that you really enjoyed as a kid.
  • Try different hobbies or interact with people and find out what is their hobbies and try them out.
  • See what you enjoy doing a lot and a thing that you feel is not a waste of time and you feel that it is worth the time and try.
  • Keep a positive mind.
  • Think about something that made you get so engrossed into something that you forgot everything about your bad days.

So we need to find ourselves a GOOD and FUN HOBBY to rely on. So that we can live a more happy, energetic and productive life.

Thank you xx I hope you enjoyed reading this post today on perks of choosing a good hobby.

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