Surrounding ourselves with loved ones wasn't possible for many of us this Christmas but we still did have a Hygge Christmas at home.

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Like many people I’ve been obsessed with the word Hygge (pronounced Hyoo-guh) for quite sometime now. During lockdown 2.0 here in the UK, back in November, I got my hands on ‘The little book of Hygge’ by Meik Wiking from The Happiness Research Institute, Copenhagen. That’s when I made up my mind to have a very Hygge Christmas at home this year and that’s exactly what I did.

What is Hygge?

Hygge is the Danish way to live well and this makes the Danes the happiest people on earth.

Amazing, isn’t it?

According to the Cambridge English dictionary, Hygge is a Danish word for the quality of cosiness, which simply means feeling warm, comfortable and safe. This comes from doing simple things such as lighting candles, baking or spending time at home or out with your family or friends. The high season of Hygge in Denmark is Christmas when the Danes don’t hold back with the candles and mulled wine.

The little book of Hygge by Meik Wiking

The world first learnt about this Danish lifestyle in 2016 when the Oxford Dictionary announced Hygge as the Word of the Year. As of today, the hashtag #Hygge has around 6.9M posts on Instagram and counting.

I personally would like to describe Hygge as being cozy by wearing warm and cozy jumpers and sweats, eating comforting bowls of slow cooked meals or a warm bowl of soup/broth, lighting sweet scented candles, setting the Christmas mood right by decorating your home for the holidays, and all the other little joys of life. For me Hygge is an experience, a very cozy and pleasant one.

I’ve made a conscious effort to incorporate Hygge in Christmas this year. This is what I did to have a Hygge Christmas at home and I thought it’d be lovely to share this with you all.

Ways to have a Hygge Christmas

Setting the mood with candles

Danes are known to light a candle or candles every day of the year and more during the Christmas season as it is very Hyggelig to do that according to them. I love lighting candles throughout the year myself but more during these autumn and winter months. It just sets a lovely mood and gives me that idea of being very cozy.

While we lived in West Harrow, we had this place nearby called Harrow 140 and they’d have Sunday fairs mostly on the last Sunday of every month. There I met the lovely Alberto along with his husband. They make these lovely soy wax candles. Besides the candles having a very sweet scent, the wax can also be used to massage into your palms. I got my stock ready for this season. If you’d like some then make sure to contact Alberto here.

I also got some citrusy, plum, vanilla scented candles from Poundland, Primark and M&S. They’re inexpensive and perfect for lighting all over the house. Being stuck at home this Christmas it has been more important than ever to set the mood right at home, so lighting candles just makes us feel right.

Cooking/Baking Comfort foods

I always enjoy cooking and baking. For me besides being very therapeutic, it is also very comforting.

Baking or preparing Christmas sweets is always fun with family during this season. I did bake and cook quite a lot these past few days. It kept me busy and unaware of all the sadness of missing out the Christmas parties with family and friends as London is in Tier 4 at the moment.

Baked some Gingerbread men

You can find some Christmas recipes here.

Food is very important to have a Hygge Christmas at home. Danes would normally prefer heavy foods around Christmas but we went more for a comfort food theme for Christmas at home this year.

Wearing Christmas themed clothes

If you want to feel Hygge and Christmasy then dress like it even if you’re going nowhere. Since 25th December we’ve been dressing up every day to get more and more into the holiday spirit.

Get matching Christmas jumpers for your family and friends and the most cozy outfit you can ever lay your hands on is all so Hygge. Wear it and slay it.

It’s also the perfect season to bring out all those woollen socks and mufflers.

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Having Hygge Christmas Drinks

Hygge Christmas Drinks are all those possible drinks which scream Holidays. Eggnog, Mulled wine, Hot chocolate with marshmallows and Spiced rum have been at the top of my list this Christmas.

A cozy festive drink with some Christmas carols playing in the background is the vibe throughout this season for me.

Some Pasteis de Nata flavoured Eggnog

What are some of the festive drinks you’ve had this Christmas? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Decorating the place for the Holidays in a very Hygge way

Decorate every nook and corner of your home with some festive decor. Get all your talents out and make homemade wreaths and baubles. Make handmade cards, gift tags, the star, the crib and everything which makes Christmas even more special.

That’s what we did here at home to make our Christmas even more Hyggelig.

Getting all the throws, blankets and cushions out

To snuggle up around the fireplace with a warm throw is very hyggeligt. Woven woollen throws, snuggly cushions, thick and cosy blankets are very essential for a Hygge experience at home during cold winter months.

All warm and snuggle friendly throws and cushions for the ultimate Hygge Christmas at home

Hygge also takes in account various cosy textures and warm tassels added to throws and blankets.

Holiday music in the background

This is the one time in the year when I hear to no other music besides Christmas carols and Christmas songs. My favs have got to be Michael Bublé, Boney M, Jim Reeves, etc.

I love to listen to some favourite Christmas carols on loop.

Enjoying Nature

It’s been very cold and cosy this Christmas for us. We’re expecting snow in the next couple of days and I can’t wait. Hygge is also enjoying the small little things in nature during this cosy season. Making snow angels, playing in the snow and appreciating how each snowflake is uniquely created makes this season even more special.

Watching Christmas movies

I’ve watched many Christmas movies this holiday season and I’ve still got many more to go. Even though Christmas is technically over I’d still continue watching Christmas movies for the next few days. This is very Hyggelig too!

Surrounding ourselves with loved ones wasn’t possible for many of us this Christmas so having virtual Christmas meals, listening to our favourite Christmas carols, wearing out warm jumpers and setting the mood with some holiday scented candles is how we celebrated a Hygge Christmas at home.

This is my last Christmas post for this year!

Stay tuned for some 2020 reflection and many new exciting posts for 2021!!

2021 is going to be our year! Let us all manifest that.

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Until next time!

Ciao xx

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