A gist about the life of Santa Claus who was St Nicholas. Writing a letter to Santa Claus or asking him for wishes which money can't buy.

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It’s finally the end of the year and the beginning of the Christmas season. Time to share love, joy and happiness. For some unknown reason, this month has given me a lot of hope for the coming year and I’m excited about it. I hope y’all have been well!! Today I’ll be writing a letter to Santa.

Now you must be wondering, does she think we are some sort of kids or something. Well, not at all. Although, when I was a kid I always believed in Santa as I’m sure many of you did too.

Writing a letter to Santa is writing down the things that money cannot buy. This year we all have gone through a lot and there is a lot that we want changed.

So today being St. Nicholas’s day we shall write a letter to him. Writing a letter in a sense that we’ve got to pray for all what is going on in this year. Like an effective Covid-19 vaccine rolled out to the masses, world peace and so on…I’d like y’all to write a letter to Santa with me…

So go on and imagine that Santa Claus is a genie and you are given three wishes each. What would they be?

Here are some examples of what you can write:

  • World Peace
  • An effective vaccine to combat the virus
  • End of the virus
  • Happiness for all mankind
  • Poverty to disappear
  • Food for all
  • Nations coming together as one
  • Everyone gets their normal life back
  • People who’ve lost jobs get better ones
  • No fights, violence and crime
  • People to be less greedy and egoistic
  • Governments to be truly for the people

And so on as per your own needs 

St. Nicholas also known as Santa Claus always helped people in need and continued helping others even after he died.

Miracles by St.Nicholas

(source:https://www.stnicholascenter.org/who-is-st-nicholas/stories-legends/traditional-stories )

Fire did not consume

On the day of Nicholas consecration as bishop, one young mother was home bathing her infant. The metal bathing tub was over a fire to heat the water and keep it warm.

The cathedral bells rang out, telling everyone it was time to be at the cathedral.

Completely forgetting what she was doing, the mother ran from the house all the way to the cathedral. Once there, she stood at the back, just barely able to see as all the bishops laid their hands on Nicholas. The young mother joined in the hymns and prayers.

After the consecration, she returned home, still not remembering her baby. Entering the house, the room was filled with smoke. She was terrified that her baby would have perished.

However, the baby was still sitting in the tub, smiling and completely unharmed. The mother picked up her child, thanking God that Nicholas had spared her baby’s life. This was the first miracle attributed to Nicholas after he became a bishop.

The Evil Butcher – Children coming out of the tub

Three small children were gleaning in the fields. As they worked and played, they wandered off into the town. Walking about and exploring, the children forgot the time.

When it was late and the sun going down, the children were hungry, tired and lost. They came to a lighted butcher’s shop, knocked and said, “We are lost and hungry. May we eat and sleep?” “Oh, yes,” came the reply, “do come in.”

As they enter, the butcher takes a sharp knife, cuts them up, and puts them in a large salting tub. Seven years pass.

A knock comes on the door. Bishop Saint Nicholas appears, saying to the evil butcher, “Open your large salting tub!” The saint puts his hand on the tub and, appealing to God, says, “Rise up, children.” The little children awake and stand up. Their families joyfully welcome them home.

Ever since St. Nicholas has been the patron and protector of children.

Water as Sign – River flowing down mountain

As stories about Saint Nicholas multiplied, incidents were told to give witness to his holiness. In this one, Nicholas must have been in the desert of the soul, as he asked God for a revelation. Then Nicholas could be be confident of God’s presence and have renewed confidence in God’s call to serve as a bishop, loving and caring for the people.

So Nicholas made his way up a mountain where he prayed. As he prayed, a river—a hidden treasure of water—gushed forth, flowing down the mountainside.

Nicholas rejoiced at the sight. He came down the mountain renewed and refreshed to live out his call to serve God and God’s people.

Miraculous Redemption – Selling the carpet – Returning the carpet

There was a couple in Constantinople who had always had a special love for Saint Nicholas. Each feast day they celebrated with special food, wine, holy bread, and candles. Now that they were old, and no longer able to work, they were very poor. The man asked his wife how they could get money to buy what was needed. She took an old carpet, saying, “Here is our last possession. Sell it and then buy all we need to show our gratitude to God and Saint Nicholas.” The old man took the rug and set off to the marketplace.

Arriving at the market, a distinguished looking nobleman asked how much the rug cost. The man told him what it cost when new, saying he’d take whatever he could get for it. The nobleman gave him six gold pieces—much more than the man expected—took the rug and left. People near the man were puzzled as he seemed to be talking to himself. After purchasing the needed items, the man headed home.

Meanwhile, back at the house, a distinguished looking man approached the woman, “Take this rug. Your husband is an old friend of mine and I met him at the marketplace today.” And he gave her the carpet.

When the man returned, his wife accused him of not selling the carpet, “How could you break your promise and not sell this rug?” “Who gave the rug to you?” he asked. She described the man, and he realized it was the same person who’d bought the rug. The man, realizing it must have been a miracle, exclaimed, “The Lord liveth! The man who bought the carpet from me and brought it back to our poor home, is indeed St. Nicholas, for a man saw me talking to him and asked if I saw an apparition, for the saint was invisible.” He showed his wife what he’d bought—food, wine, holy bread, candles—and the left-over money.

Rejoicing, they hurried to the church of St. Nicholas to tell the Patriarch all that had happened. After hearing the story, the Patriarch gave the couple a generous life pension. They returned home for a fine St. Nicholas feast with hymn singing and prayers of thanksgiving.

Till today we have a lot of miracles of St. Nicholas and as today is St. Nicolas day let us all pray to him together…I’ll be writing my letter to Santa now and I hope you’ll join in too!!

Thank you and stay tuned for new blogmas posts.

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