Travelling as a type of self-care

Travelling can heal! Travelling can inspire! Travelling can help you think with clarity and also help you move away from the chaos of life.

For some people to travel is to live. Besides travelling being a vehement act for wanderlusts, it is a type of self-care for some others.

Spending time with nature while travelling is a form of self-care

2020 was a year where everyone was recommended to keep travel to a minimum unless for emergencies or business requirements. 2021 doesn’t have to be the same. Even if we aren’t able to travel internationally, you can still enjoy some travelling.


For those who love travelling, travelling is a very good form of self-care as it removes that person from the current environment and places him/her in a better environment chosen by them. If you’re someone who’s stressed by your day to day mundane routines, then travelling is a good option for you to relieve that kind of stress. It can relax your mind and help you recharge.

It is believed that when people who love to travel, travel they are at their highest vibration and hence enjoy the best moments of their lives. They are known to be the happiest when they travel. It lowers stress levels and may even give some a new perspective about life.

Even taking simple weekend trips every now and then is a good way to relax and recharge your senses and temporarily escape from the chaotic hustle in life.

While travelling make sure not to carry your busy work life at your travel destination. Continuously remind yourself to focus on the present and enjoy every moment as it occurs. Make sure to enjoy the small joys that life gives you when travelling. Explore different cultures, people, foods, way of life, etc. while travelling. But also do not forget to carry with you things that help you with your self-care journey.

Here are some different types of self-care for you to explore.

Nowadays people also travel as a wellness escapism. Gone are the days when people only travelled for food, sight seeing and retail therapy. Now you’ll find people travelling for indulgent and pampering retreats.

Explore place, food and culture as a form of self-care while travelling



If safe to do so, travelling locally isn’t a bad idea at all. This can even simply mean exploring your neighbourhood which you’ve never done before. You can check out some local galleries, museum’s, zoos, streets, cafes, etc. Living in London has been an advantage for us as it has given us more opportunities to explore the place. With London being so vibrant it is always lovely to see something new and explore different avenues that this wonderful city has to offer.


With the advancement of social media, websites and Apps like GAFFL, TripTogether, TravelSisters, Travello, TourRadar, etc. it has become easier to connect with travellers who share the same interest with you. You can even find such travellers on Facebook groups who share like-minded interests like you. If you can’t travel due to the ongoing Covid restrictions, hanging out with these travel enthusiasts over a zoom call or maybe even in person for a cup of coffee isn’t a bad idea after all.

Spending time talking about travel, adventures, experiences is also a very good form of self-care. At least that way you won’t be missing out on much or even missing out completely.


Staycations are amazing to just relax and rewind. You can choose a place near to home and just enjoy some quality time with yourself or your family. If you are someone who has been missing on travelling then a staycation is for you. Staycations are lovely to just give yourself some time. You can easily choose a cottage or place amidst nature by finding an Airbnb there.

Staycations are perfect to choose a different place to live in for a day or two without having to break the bank. You can either book a place within your own city or maybe even an hours drive away. It could be a day trip to relax, recharge and rewind.


Spending time with nature is known to be very therapeutic. Going for a hike can help you appreciate nature, breathe fresh air and it is also good for your mental and physical wellbeing. Spending time with nature is a well known form of self-care. Even if you are in Tier-4 at the moment, going for a hike to the mountains or in the forests is a good idea as those are places where you can avoid crowds.

Go for a hike to your nearby forest

While amidst nature take a travel book to read about, journal your thoughts or maybe even meditate.

I hope this blog post helps you enjoy some travelling as a form of self-care in 2021.

What are your travel plans for 2021? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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